Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Lets start this thing.

So, in honors english, were basically each making our own individual blogs. These, however, are not your typical blogs, they're food blogs:D Yummy! You're prob thinking, food blog? huh? To subside your wandering minds, a food blog is a blog about, well, food. We each had to chose a food that we felt was interesting and research it. In the end of all this mumble jumble, our finial product will be this blog, and one of the posts will be a 1,200 word essay on the chosen food item. It may sounds really hard and boring but i'm actually looking foward to it. I, personally have never had much experiance with blogging, if thats what you call it, so this is kind of a really interesting experiance for me.
       You're prob now wondering what my food choice is. This decision was very difficult for me to make becuase, if you knew me, i have the attention span of a five year old so therefore, my topic needs to be really interesting so i can actually stick to researching it and completing this essay. At first, my topic was traditional Hungarian stuffed peppers. Now, your prob thinking "wtf.." but its not that weird if you think about it. You see, my great grandma made them all the time so i was kinda going for a sentimental value kind of feel. The only reason i can no longer do that topic is because all of the websites i went to were mainly in Hungarian, and no, i do not speak it. So basically what im trying to say through all this rambling is that i have now decided to chose pop corn. Yep, pop corn. delicious right? I know its kind of random but i figured, everyone loves popcorn so people will actually be interested in reading whatever i write. Yay, brownie points for me(:
so ill leave it at that for now and hopefully you actually read this whole post and know that im doing popcorn so you'll come back to read more:D


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