Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Amateur Gourmet

        As I was skimming the various food blogs across the web, many i just disregarded from the first click. There were very, and i mean, very few that actually caught my interest. One of them being, The Amateur Gourmet. I saw this one on ChezPim's blog so i figured it must be some-what decent. When I clicked it, immediatly the banner across the top intrigues me. It was very welcoming and not the typical, boring, run of the mill title. As I scrolled down the blog, many different posts appeared. They weren't too long, and were straight to the point. I liked this aspect of the blog. It made it more enjoyable since i was able to actually read most of the posts instead of just skimming them. What also made this blog easy to navigate was the menu that went across the screen at the top right under the banner. It separated the recipes from the actually blog entries. Most blogs do not do this which is a real pain. Besides from the nice little menu, the blogger also posts videos! This was just an entertaining aspect that i really enjoyed!


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