Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Check this out.

    Well, I was starting to lose all hope for finding a unique food blog that was different then all the others, when I came across a URL that had a very creative name; aaplemint.com. Adventurous me, decided to click on it and give it a shot. As soon as I got to the page, I knew it was worth reading more the URL. The first picture that showed up was of some exotic pineapple dish that was so beautifully put together, it looked like a piece of art. Not only did that spark my taste buds but the fact that they can make  food look so amazing, just blew my mind. As I scrolled down the blog, many other mouth-watering meals appeared. The thing that really caught my attention however was the way each dish was presented. From simple pina coladas to stuffed tomatoes, and beer-battered shrimp, everything looked perfect.
    The design of the blog was very easy to navigate and understand as well. It had an easy to read menu with a variety of categories to click on. There is everything, from vegetarian recipes, to desserts, to cultural traditional dishes. This blog is by far, the most interesting one I have seen so far. It definitely gives me hope for mine!

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